We helped 10200+ women and children from Ukraine flee war. Help us save more lives.

Shelter in Lviv, Ukraine providing beds, food, hygiene & baby items

Our local volunteers are there to take care of women, children and elderly

Free weekly buses going from Lviv and Dnipro to Austria

Free & direct buses going to Austria

Established work with other NGOs and Ukranian government

by facilitating evacuation to the EU from the most affected areas: Mariupol, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya and others

How we started

In the beginning of the war we were sending buses to cities in various EU countries: Graz, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt. We were also providing various help upon arrival: short and long-term accommodation, food, medicine, cancer treatment, psychological help and activities from Ukrainian speaking psychologists, art & sport activities for women and kids.

Now, we have established relationships with local NGOs to take over finding permanent solutions and focused only on providing free, regular and comfortable transportation from Ukraine to Austria. Since April 2022, upon arrival to Austria passengers are taken care of by our partners in Train of Hope and the Austrian government. We work with Ukrainian drivers and companies to ensure economical support within the country.


civilians (mostly women and children) were evacuated by us since February 25th


approximately needed to evacuate 1 person from Ukraine


we aim to raise in order to scale to 50.000 evacuated civilians

About us

Our founder is Martina Kojic, an Entrepreneur and Fashion Manager. Born in Dubrovnik, Croatia she grew up in a war-battered country. As soon as the news about the war in Ukraine broke, Martina immediately put her new company mademoisellemartina.com on pause and devoted all her financial and human resources to help Ukrainian women and their families. The day after the invasion we have already started working. Our small team consists of people from Austria, Germany and Ukraine. Our hearts are with Ukraine and we will continue our help while there’s people who need it.

At least 12 million people have fled their homes since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We are evacuating them to safety every day. Our team and affiliates have provided transport and shelter for over 6000 people so far. We are the lifeline of Ukrainian women and children. Please help us save as many lives as we possibly can. – Martina Kojic

Photo: Irna Gavrich for Financial Times